Olakira Advises Upcoming Artistes To ‘Understand The Contract’ Before Signing To A Record Label


Ade Ebenezer, popularly known as Olakira is dishing out advice to upcoming artistes.
In an exclusive interview with Hip Tv, Olakira advised upcoming musicians to always read, understand the contract first before signing with the record label. According to Olakira, Upcoming artistes need to do away with the desperation to be signed to a label and take out time to look for hidden clauses in the contract.

The Maserati singer revealed that 90% of fallouts between an artiste and his record label are a result of a misunderstanding. According to him, these artistes out of desperation will agree to anything the label says, completely ignoring the problems that might arise in the future.

Sharing his personal experience as a producer and artiste, he advised that both parties should calm down, understand each other first, reach an agreement to avoid costly lawsuits.

Watch video below


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