DO YOU AGREE? Nigerians Deserve Something Worst Than Buhari (See Why)


Nigerians are not ready for positive changes. It seems we derive joy in suffering and smiling.
Do you know if there was constitutional allowance for a President to seek a third term, millions of people in this country, will still vote for Buhari if he were to contest in 2023?

Nigeria will remain the same until we get to a point where majority of citizens are tired and ready for change.

The problem with Nigeria is that those who seek revolutionary or radical changes are less than those who are contented with the status quo.

By 2023, those who will vote based on ethnic, religious or partisan leanings will likely surpass those who’ll vote for a better country.

We deserve something worst than BUHARI. You can imagine the youth protesting because Big Brother gave pere task. MISPLACED PRIORITY!

The #JUSTICE4PERE protest, is the most dumbest and foolish protest ever in history.

Just like Reno right said,

“These Nigerians are not protesting because the Naira is now worth less than the Zimbabwean dollar, or because insecurity has made life in Nigeria a living hell, or because of Buhari’s refusal to name Boko Haram’s sponsors, or because VAT is collected by the Federal Government from states that generate income and given to states that mostly just consume.

They are protesting because they claim Big Brother cheated Pere. Now, you see why Nigeria is the way she is?

Ask Nigerians to come out to protest for their rights and few will come out, if any. Ask them to come out for a Wizkid concert, and people who can’t feed will miraculously acquire money and sell out the concert.

Imagine this going on on a Monday, when they should be productive at work or their businesses. We love to give our energies to the trivial, not the vital. Nigerians, perhaps we do deserve Buhari!”

No cap,

Nigerians Deserve Something Worst Than Buhari


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