I Am About To End My 15yrs Marriage But… (Read Details)


I’m not a good writer, please I will try to make it short,
Everything just falling apart in my house

Sometimes I hear some folks saying I will tolerate rubbish in marriage, but honestly it’s easier to say than done; if it actually happens to you.

Where did I get it wrong sef?

We used to be good friends before ‘church’ matter entered.

Now she does nothing in the house.

I go to work come back to go to market and cook clean the house wash the children uniforms for the younger ones

All she is interested in now is her own career.

What will be my fate when I grow old.

Is this not a red flag for me?

What will be the fate of my wonderful innocent children how will they feel not growing up with their mother and father together all these are pounding in my head.

The issues are too much I can’t type it all am really depressed but sha life goes on.

But my children what will be their fate?

What Should I Do?



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