Why Are We Still Thinking Messi Is Better Than Salah?

We seriously need to talk about this matter as it arises
Football is bias when we only pay attention to one side and neglect others that are doing so much.

I have seen Liverpool’s star, Muhammed Salag doing so much magic in recent, he’s been consistent and fast on decision making just as 5-year-ago Messi.

The Egyptian forward has fantastically set a club record, the first Liverpool man to score 100 goals in fewer minutes of play.

In comparison, Salah is more similar to Messi than Cristiano Ronaldo. The African player of the year has so much similarity to that of an Argentine man.

Since joining Liverpool, he’s been exceptional to date, scoring every single minute despite the fact of how hard the Premier League.

Just as the season restarted, he scored 10 goals both Premier League and Champions League combined, more than any other player in the Europe topflight.’

See what he did to Manchester City last night

But we always rate Messi ahead of any other player, he’s not God, you should know that, and he shouldn’t be getting the hype every season when he’s doing below some other players.

Meanwhile, Neymar plus Mbappe plus Messi suffer 2-0 defeat from underdog team Rennes the same night.

I will tell you for free that the Liverpool star, Muhammed Salah is underrated – Do you agree with me?

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