LISTS!! See Top 6 Craziest Compilation Videos Of ‘Alcohol Challenge’ By Joeboy


presents to you the top ten most crazy videos made for Joeboy’s “Alcohol Challenge”
We are yet to know the kind of spirit attached to this song as many of our youths have been endangering their lives by taking hard substances.

It’s just a challenge and Nigerians shouldn’t be so crazy like this, it shouldn’t go to this extent. Getting attention, by all means, has now been a norm in our society.

Seeing these ten videos really weak me and make me feel bad for my people.
1 Lindacril


Pls guys don’t let it flop😩🙏, this my first time doing this kind of video 😮‍💨…#abjtiktokers #lindacyril❤️ #umuahiatiktok #alcohol @Joeboy

♬ That’s Why I Sip – Joeboy

2. Favvymallory


😹😒 as everybody don Dey mad 😭😹#favvymallory #fyp #viral

♬ That’s Why I Sip – Joeboy

3. Ndapewa
4. Reina


♬ That’s Why I Sip – Joeboy

5. Diana Bouli


Je l’ai fait comme je pouvais 😅

♬ That’s Why I Sip – Joeboy

6. Nenny


This is my first time trying something like this… How did I do guys don’t let this FLOP🙏🙏#alcohol #joeboy @Joeboy

♬ That’s Why I Sip – Joeboy


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