BE HONEST!! Rema Vs Zinoleesky — Who Is More Talented?


As far as head-to-head’s go, Rema vs Zinoleesky is a tight one, if we’re being honest.
These are two guys, from different worlds, playing different games, pulling different numbers, but still they are players in thos industry. Talent-wise, there’s not a lot of these young crop of artists that can take on either one of them.

Sure, one seems ahead—and he is—and it just doesn’t seem like much to put them on the same pedestal, since Rema apparently got more heat than Zino’s ever had. But we’re not even here to talk about heat. Frankly, the only thing that’s debatable about this guys is who’s got the juice more. And it sure as hell could be any one of them.


Rema is sharp and he’s got one of the best platforms an artist could have. He’s got a sound people are copying, he’s got a brand, he’s got everything you know.

On the music front, he’s not bad at all. Guy started out doing basic afro stuff, then tried some hip-hop and trap, before finally carving a niche for himself. Now he’s one the hottest guys out there, either he drops or he doesn’t. He’s got talent, no doubt.


Zino, on the other hand is quite different. Boy’s good and all that, but people are saying it’s his management that’s holding him down.

Still, with the way he started out, being with Lil Frosh and all, I’d say he turned out fine and the management he currently has isn’t the worst recognition he could have. But then I think his talent deserves more.

Maybe he could rebrand and pull some stuff off, who knows. And when I say rebranding I am talking about something on the level we all witnessed from Adekunle Gold. Not music-wise, but in style and branding. That’s all he just needs to reach the level of rema and the likes. Because if it’s talent, he’s got loads of that.

Anyway, back to the big question. Who would you say is the most talented of the two?

Rema Vs Zinoleesky — Who Is More Talented?

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